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the first three words you see are what you want in life

accidentally opening an art program and having to sit 30 hours before you can close it or having waited so long feeling morally obligated to draw

trydeth replied to your post: my least favourite thing about the int…

Life is full of risks. There’s always a chance you could simply be impaled by a large albatross falling out of a cargo plane nearby. You just gotta make use of the time you got cuz it will be over in a blink.

[fear intensify]

my least favourite thing about the internet is you could literally kill someone and never know like not like being a douche and anon hating but i mean like just normal things like posting your grandmas recipe and they try it and have an allergy attack or like your life hack could cause something to be dangerous in there house or something simple like that

that scares me man

Anonymous said: "you're rlly cute woah what're your secrets???"


haha yooo supp where did this come from

my secret is to look 12 when i’m really nearly 21

i have one of those old lady sofa chairs to help me get up

and everytime i rise to get out so i don’t explode my hips I just start playing

westlifes “you raise me up” in my head

I found flash on my pc and made my friend
Anonymous said: "hey! how're you?"

Yoo I’m alright! sup anon!

omg yes please, if you remember! i always miss it being on and i really wanna go one year :D

It’s pretty awesome! Is it hard to get to London where you live? They only ever host it there. (It’s alright for me cause I live in london haha)

Videogames live are doing shows in Novermber this year, I don’t know if the still have any tickets left on sale though O: Theres several around the UK though.

i thought it was on a break this year omg

Nah it was just a different team doing it, the producer and everyone where on break but it didn’t mean they didn’t get replacements. Tickets went on sale in the January!

If you want next time they come to london and they go on sale I can message you (memory permitting haha) It had at the bottom of the program “back in 2015” so it’ll be there next year too. It’s just a lot smaller and thus tickets are harder to get.